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Earthquake Insurance

Hometown Insurance Agency OKC offers Earthquake Insurance. Contact us for more info.

    What Is Covered Under Earthquake Insurance?

    Depending on the value of your home — or the personal property you keep on location if you’re renting — earthquake insurance helps to cover the cost of repair or replacement after a covered event causes damage. You’ll be responsible for paying a deductible, then the coverage will kick in and pay up to the policy’s limit. If your home is in need of major repairs, this coverage may even provide funds for additional living expenses to help pay for the cost of an alternative living space while your home is restored.

    Earthquake Insurance for Homes

    By adding earthquake coverage to your existing homeowners policy, you can get an extra layer of protection that kicks in where your basic coverage ends.

    It helps protect:

    • Your home
    • Your garage or other structures on your property
    • Your fences, driveway, sidewalk and other permanently-installed yard fixtures
    • Construction materials on your premises for use in your home
    • Your personal property